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We all know what is happening in these weeks in Ukraine: the war is an endless tragedy that spares no one. As Pope Francis said, “every war leaves the world worse than it found it“.

We are a community of innovators, we believe in the future, we work every day to build a better world. We cannot stand by and watch what happens at the gates of Europe without doing anything.

We have done something. We wondered if it was right to make it known, an absurd modesty envelops doing good. We have decided that yes, it is fair to tell you, because you share our same values ​​and we are sure that, if you have not already done so, you will do something like us.
As PoliHub, we donated 10,000 euros to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, which protects and assists people forced to flee due to wars and persecutions around the world.
We also collected from the staff a small budget with which we bought food, medicine and basic necessities that we delivered to the Ukrainian Consulate in Milan.
Finally, we intend to make an office available to organizations that need it for activities in support of the ongoing humanitarian emergency.
It is a drop in the ocean, we know, but who more than us knows that it is precisely from the smallest things that a great change can be born? We believe in sharing, we have also put it in our Charter of Values.

If you want to propose activities or partnerships to support Ukraine, we are at your disposal to understand how to collaborate

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We work together because the future needs us

Here is a list of reliable organizations to which you can donate money or food and medicines according to your ability and sensitivity.