PoliHub, anche grazie ai suoi azionisti, collabora con i vertici delle principali multinazionali, aziende italiane ed istituzioni per favorire lo sviluppo delle iniziative incubate


Siamo in contatto con i più importanti incubatori e parchi scientifici di tutto il mondo per creare una rete di contatti al fine di supportare il percorso di internazionalizzazione delle nostre startup.

Stiamo creando un programma di scambio internazionale tra gli incubatori partner, che mettono a disposizione le proprie facilities e servizi per il periodo di soggiorno delle startup del network.



LEVEL1 is an innovation hub, open innovation incubator, and 3D specialized FabLab, with a +600 square meter dedicated to innovation, gatherings and meetups we work very hard to achieve our vision. We aspire to make entrepreneurship accessible to everyone, and to garantee Women and Youth inclusion in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and especially in tech oriented initiatives, considering that technology is the future. being located in the heart of a business area and in front of the lake of Tunis we provide assistance, technology and coaching to students, wanna-be entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to help them grow either their skills, or their businesses, while working very hard to connect them with each other and create new initiatives, and with big leading companies to allow them to grow their market potential and gain new clients, and even have access to financing. with an average of 300 organized event per year, meetup, conference and hackathons we get each day a step closer to our goal, which is contributing to fostering the tunisian ecosystem and empowering the entrepreneurial tissue.


University of Latvia

The Student Business Incubator of The University of Latvia offers different services for students and team members that are participating in one of our incubators programmes. These services includes premises (office space and production place), FabLab prototyping studio. Innovation stand where our members has a chance to test their ideas in one of the biggest shopping centres in Riga, there they can meet potential customers, get feedback and also get first sales. All of our members can get consultations from our core team or mentors and business couches. Incubator also provides an online permission for company registration and report database and teams also can get a free web hosting. For our Alumni teams we offer special pre-acceleration program.


IMT Atlantique Incubator

Since 1998, Our University of technology, one of top of the engineering schools in the country, manage a business incubator dedicated to technology (IT, Health, Energy, Sea&Environment) and high potential entrepreneurs. We operate on our 3 campuses very near the main attractive cities in the West : Brest, Nantes and Rennes From the idea to the first steps of growth, it offers a large panel of tailor made services: office spaces within premium facilities, custom mentorship, business basics and startup oriented education programs, access to partner investment funds, Research and Development expertise/lab spaces and regular meetups. Incubator is the cross-fertilization area where meet brilliant people among researchers, students, entrepreneurs and private companies.



UnternehmerTUM is the largest center for innovation and business creation in Europe, with more than 150 employees. UnternehmerTUM offers founders and start-ups a complete service, from the initial idea all the way to stock market flotation. A team of experienced entrepreneurs, scientists and managers supports founders with the development of their products, services and business models. The experts accompany them actively with building up their companies, market entry and financing – also via Venture Capital. The center’s work focuses on the future industries of Information and Communication, Medical Engineering and CleanTech.


BIC Euronova

BIC Euronova, Business Innovation Centre, is a company founded in 1991 through a European Community Commission initiative , to support the creation of innovative SME's, to promote the initiation of innovative activities of existing SME's and public administrations. From the outset the European Commission conceived of the BIC as an international network that would allow the exchange of information and experience amongst themselves and would encourage technological, commercial and financial cooperation between them and their clients. All the BIC are endorsed by the European commission and are integrated in one network, the European and Innovation Centre Network (EBN), an international scientific and technical association, which brings together more than 250 BIC throughout Europe



Chrysalis is the Business Incubator from Universidad Católica de Valparaíso. Founded in 2010 it has helped more than 100 technology startups to develop and market their value proposition and has specialized in the verticals of software, agrotech, biotech, and consumer goods. In the last 6 years these startups has sold and reaised more than 6 MM and 3 MM USD respectively It has been recognized as one of the Top 3 incubators in Latin America according the UBI Index and aims to be the top accelerator in Latam.


The Simula Garage

Dedicated to tackling scientific challenges with long-term impact and of genuine importance to real life, Simula Research Laboratory (Simula) offers an environment that emphasises and promotes basic re¬search. At the same time, we are deeply involved in research education and application-driven innova¬tion and commercialisation. Simula was established as a non-profit, limited company in 2001, and is fully owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research. Its research is funded through competitive grants from national funding agencies and the EC, research contracts with industry, and a basic allowance from the state. At its outset, the laboratory was given the mandate of becoming an internationally leading research institution within se¬lect fields in information and communications technology. These fields are (i) communication systems, including cyber-security; (ii) scientific computing, aiming at fast and reliable solutions of mathematical models in biomedicine and geoscience; and (iii) software engineering, focusing on testing and verification of mission-critical software systems, and on planning and cost estimation of large software development projects. Recent evaluations state that Simula has met its challenge and is an acknowledged contributor to top-level research in its focus areas.



ACE is an Amsterdam-based university incubator. We are passionate about helping students, researchers, alumni and tech professionals develop their innovative tech and science-based ideas into successful companies. We offer training & support, and access to an extensive network of mentors, entrepreneurs and business professionals. We thus empower innovators to create and grow their high impact ventures. Participants can join the ACE program in different stages of developing their company, whether they are just starting out (Ready to Start) or developing their startup into the next phase (Ready to Scale). The supporting programs at ACE cover all stages of business creation and development, in order to teach founders how to translate science or high-tech concepts into feasible companies.

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