Selecting innovative business ideas and projects

PoliHub carefully scouts and mentors startups via autonomous initiatives and partnerships. We help develop ideas, test them for market viability, form teams, develop a business plan, meet potential clients and investors in the international market and turn talent into business.


Forming teams and prototyping

PoliHub offers an intense business empowerment program, specifically designed for startups, in collaboration with MIP, the Polytechnic University of Milan’s business school and center of excellence. The program offers input from key players in the worlds of business and venture capital, specialty seminars on crucial topics for startup development and in-depth workshops on technological themes.


Definig a business model and market viability

The mentoring program is tailor-made for PoliHub’s startups. Every entrepreneurial initiative is supported by one or more expert mentors with experience in the relevant sector, who help accelerate the growth of the individual startups.

PoliHub has a Mentor Club, whose members have specialized experience and skills to select and validate business ideas. Take a look at the Mentor Club members’ profiles.


Research, financing and scale-up support

Advisory is a service offered to PoliHub’s startups in order to support them in private and public fund raising. PoliHub operates with the main Italian and foreign Venture Capital funds and Business Angel and important Corporate Venture networks. In addition, PoliHub directly participates in Ban-Up, a holding company created to favor startup financing.

Finally, PoliHub operates via Fondazione Politecnico di Milano to identify major sources of public, national and international funding, startup funding and to build specific co-financed applied research projects.


We help businesses to innovate

PoliHub helps consolidated companies with “open” innovation by identifying and selecting startups and supporting the development of new innovative technology companies.


The main “open” innovation support services offered by PoliHub are:


  • Startup Intelligence: a permanent Observatory that monitors the evolution of the startup ecosystem nationally and internationally, and transfers and shares that information with the Innovation Managers of major Italian companies.
  • Hackathon: events that bring together experts in relevant fields to face timed concrete technology and business challenges.
  • Startup Scouting & Innovation Consultancy: we help companies find startups that can help them innovate and we facilitate the integration of the startups’ services in the business model.
  • Tailored Startups: we identify and model custom startups able to meet companies’ specific innovation needs.
  • Corporate VC: we support companies in identifying opportunities to invest in high-tech startups.
  • Corporate Spin-off: we incubate and foster spin-off companies in our highly innovative district, free from possible company conditioning.
  • Call for Ideas: initiatives aimed at gathering the best innovative ideas in specific fields and providing the entrepreneurs with the cultural and methodological tools necessary to realize worthwhile business ventures.

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